Jessica Callahan dreams in colors she has never seen. Blind since birth, this remarkable young woman’s music helps lift the shade on human emotion to fill a space left empty in any heart. Jessica’s music plays like a travelogue of smiles, tears, rage and gentleness, all with the clarity of a single candle in the dark.

Every so often a preeminent musician comes along to remind us how passionate music can be. Its even more surprising when the artist is at the beginning of a very promising career. Jessica Callahan is already being compared to Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and Pink. But Jess paints with a very different brush.Has all this talent attracted attention? You could fill a Hollywood stretch limo with all the high functioning players, performers, producers & arrangers who have history with some of the world’s best known recording artists, and have now worked with Jessica Callahan.

Jess had recorded 2 albums by the time she graduated from High School. Her first master production with producer Lynne Earls hit at the Jungle Room in Glendale, California. While Jessica stretched out on piano and vocals, Mario Calire and Matt Chamberlain handled drums (The Wallflowers, Ozomotli, Liz Phair, Van Morrison, Elton John and Fiona Apple); Grecco Burrato played guitar (Pink, Boys ll Men); Shawn Davis and Andre DeSantanna were on bass (Nikka Costa, Jesse McCartney); Tim Pierce added more guitar (Seal, Michael Jackson) all behind the powerful keyboard and mellotron arrangements of Patrick Warren (Ashlee Simpson, Melissa Etherage, Jewel.)

Jessica Callahan’s beautiful melodies and pop hooks lend a very distinctive quality all her own, a quality that can only come from passion, struggle and a steel spike to the heart of the matter. Jessica is now back in the studio and the lights are all on. Hear the re-recorded “Better Change (On The Way)” and “Babysitting California” as Jessica prepares to release an anthology of life growing up in the new Millennium.

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